Our best travel tips to help you travel like a PRO

Our best travel tips to help you travel like a PRO
Nobody was a born traveler. Neither were we, but in more than 15 years of traveling, we made some good memories along the way, we learned a lot of lessons and we are still learning with every new journey we take. You cannot plan or control everything, but having some important things in mind can sometimes make the difference between an awesome trip and a nightmare.

These are the stuff we would have died to know when we took our first trip. They are simple but useful travel tips, daily life hacks that should be part of your travel map.
With no further introduction here you go -> Our best Travel Tips for you to help you travel like a PRO.

Good to know BEFORE you travel – Top Travel Tips

Here are our top 12 recommendations before you take that trip:

1. Check if you need an entry Visa

Depending on your destination it is good to have it on your list. There are countries where you need a visa and even need to apply for one with a while before you take the trip, so make sure you know the conditions to where you are going. Good news is you can apply online for most of visas.

2. Read about the weather and the best times to visit

It is better to be prepared and have the holiday you dream of instead of going somewhere with summer expectations and ending up in the middle of a rainy season. That is not fun at all. Every place is different and if you want to get the best out of it, it is important to check online what are the best times to visit. We recommend you to go as much as possible outside of the peak season, this way you can really enjoy the place without a lot of people all over the place and in all your photos :).

3. Check for events, national or religious holidays

You never know what cool concert or fair could go on exactly in that place you are going to spend your vacation and it would be sad to miss it. The national and religious Holidays are important in order to know how you plan to visit a local attraction, but also restaurants or other places that might be closed or have a Holiday schedule. Also, it is good to know if the place you want to visit is open or closed, because of different events, public holiday, etc.

4. Get health insurance and travel insurance

Don’t let this one slide. Your health is the most important thing and unwanted stuff can happen while traveling. Health insurance is a must. About the travel insurance, that one is in your hand to decide. Sometimes languages get lost so it is good to have it.

5. Download maps you can use offline

Needless to say, there are areas where you won’t have internet. A map on your phone that you can use offline is a life savior!

6. Don’t fly directly

From our experience direct isn’t always the cheapest route. Sometimes you find better deals if you fly from airports that are close to your destination or close to your start point. 

When it comes to booking a flight, we mainly use Skyscanner. Clicking on the banner bellow will directly take you to their best deals.

7. Inform yourself about the internet access & mobile network costs

This one goes hand in hand with the previous tip. In some countries, it might be cheaper to buy a local internet card, than use your home subscription. Or it could be the only way to access the Internet.

8. Check the compatibility of the plug & socket type in the country you travel and pack an adapter

Don’t forget to check this, it will save you a lot of trouble. If you do forget, in some countries you can easily find a store where to buy one, in others, on the other hand, it might be harder.
As an extra tip for this tip: Use the TV as a charger. Most modern TVs have a USB port to connect external devices. You can use it to charge your phone, camera.

9. Get info about the local currency

In most countries you can exchange money, or just use your card to pay, but there are places where you need to pay in cash and where it is not safe or even you can’t find a decent place to exchange currency. It is better to know that, and have the cash already with you. When it comes to bank cards we strongly recommend you to use the Revolut services because they come with more advantages than you can imagine.

Check out our full article about Revolut and see the benefits we got on our travel style and mainly our budget.



10. Mark the main points you want to visit on a map

We always save our itinerary in Google Maps with the main points we really want to see, that way we make sure we never forget a spot and it helps to organize your trip. Off course we see new unplanned places all the time too.

11. Always pack light. Don`t pack “just in case” items

Especially if you are traveling a lot, the lighter you pack the happier you will be later. Plus a lot of stuff you can buy from the places you go to and you don’t need to take them from home. Stick to the ones you really need. We have this rule: never pack “just in case” items. If you are not sure you absolutely need it then it is more likely you won’t even use it.

12. Pack earplugs or noise-canceling Headphones

This can be many times a life savior. They muffle the sounds of crying babies, drunken people, barking dogs, honking horns, dormitory sex, you name it. It is always good to have some with you, wherever you go.

Good to know WHILE on the trip – Ultimate Travel Tips

Here are our top 12 recommendations while traveling:

1. Be careful with the water you drink or use for washing

Don’t drink water from unsafe sources. In many modern cities around the world, the water is safe to drink, but outside of those places and especially in some countries, not. Be aware of that, research, ask and do not use unsafe water, not even for brushing your teeth, or washing your food with it.
Our recommendation is to get a water filter bottle.

2. Be careful what you eat

Food safety should also come first. As a first rule do not eat stuff that does not look good, does not smell good or has a questionable origin. Try to watch how your food is prepared. Eat at popular places with long lines.

3. Eat where the locals do

This one thing we do all the time. Usually, the center touristic areas are full of small portions, food that is not so good and big prices. We also ask the locals to recommend us the good places and we never ended up in one where the food wasn’t great. On the contrary, we found the most spectacular food and got to experiment the real vibe of the area and the people.

4. Were a hidden money belt, try not to use your back pocket

In order to protect yourself for rubbery a money belt is the greatest idea. Buy one, use it and you will love it, we guaranty! Try though not to use a classic one, but the kind that goes under your shirt and it is not noticeable. We also recommend you not to put stuffs in your back pocket, like money or your phone. It might seem comfortable and like a good idea, but even if you are in a safe area and no one will rub you, you can easily lose those stuff as they tend to slip away every time you move around.

5. Do not keep all your money, cards in the same place

This is a lesson we learned in Spain when we lost our driving licenses. Times to remember. Have some cash as a back-up in a different place than your wallet or money belt and also don’t keep all your cards and documents in the same place. You will thank us later 🙂

6. Stash some cash for emergency

Have them just in case ATM does not work, you lose your card, etc. In case you do lose your card they always come handy.

7. Keep both digital and physical copies of your IDs

It can be passport, visas, driver’s license, birth certificate, health insurance card, serial numbers, or important phone numbers ready to go in case of an emergency. It is always best to have them in both formats, so make copies.

8. Wake up early

This comes from two persons that love to sleep, especially in the morning, but the truth is sometimes it is worth it to be in some location before others do. This way you can take amazing photos, see amazing sunrises and enjoy the view. Try that from now and then.

9. Get lost on purpose

This is one of our best advice and we always do that, even though we plan our itineraries before we leave in a trip. Try it! Get off the path! The best moments are those we don’t plan.

10. Ask locals for advice

It is the best way to find great places to eat, or cool things to see, that are not that advertised and most of all to get a feeling of the place you are visiting, feel the culture, meet the people. The recommendations that the locals will give you are way better than any platform.

11. Search free attractions and city discount cards

In every place you have those, why not check them out, you will find something that goes with your style. We enjoyed a lot of free city tours that were surprisingly good.

12. Pack a small first aid kit

Some stuff you can buy in the places you go, but some of them are really handy and you might need them on the spot. We always have Sunscreen, Pain killers, band-aid, wet wipes, microfiber towels and Vitamin C with us.

That’s all folks!
What tip do you like the most?
Let us know if you find it useful in the comments below.
What are your best travel tips?


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Hi Kelly,
Tks so much for the feedback. We love to share our tips with travelers out there :).

So happy you liked it and thank you so much for the feedback.
Stay tuned…we have so many stories to tell.
Feedbacks from friends are the best!!! 🙂

Thank you for the feedback. From our experience, both reccomendations with number 7 (Check info about the internet access & mobile network costs and Keep both digital and physical copies of your IDs) can make your traveling much more easier. In fact, for example, having a digital copy of our ID helped us renting cars in Australia since our driving licence (international) do not contain information about our home address (which is written on the Aussies driving licences). So, this was a life savior for us. Btw, we rented 6 cars in Australia and drove over 10.000 km. And all of that because of a simple ID digital copy 🙂

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