We are here to show you that traveling is amazing, that you can easily do it. You don’t need a fortune to travel, but it will definitely change your life and make you grow in ways you did not imagine before. 

We want this blog to inspire and encourage you to travel, to follow your dreams and to discover how beautiful and fascinating this world is.

All the time we hear people saying that you need a lot of money to travel, that it is not so easy or even not safe. 

We will share with you our travel adventures together with valuable tips and any kind of useful information from our experiences along the way.

Our wish is to put in our stories the kind of information we would also like to know and the things we search for each time we travel to a new destination.

Our main promise and goal is to keep things real, not to mislead you in any way, not to change the reality and to only talk about things, places and stuff we tried, saw or experienced ourselves.

Welcome to our blog and enjoy the adventure!

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How to avoid PayPal fees a guide to save money

How To Avoid PayPal Fees (a guide to help you save money)

We have been using Paypal for several years, but it was always with high costs. Every time we make a payment or receive money, we lose a significant amount of money at same time. Thus, we always asked ourselves how to avoid PayPal fees? How to cut our loss? And recently we discovered! Do you want to know how?

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Best Egypt Travel Guide, Abu Simbel the entrance The Temple of Ramses II

Egypt Travel Guide (The Perfect 10 To 14 Days Itinerary)

Egypt is full of rich history and many beautiful places to see. So stick around. In the next paragraphs, we will show you the best Travel Guide to Egypt that will allow you to visit the famous monuments and landmarks in Egypt.

Furthermore, we will guide you to the best places to see. You will find out how to get around Egypt, when to visit, what to wear, what you can eat and drink. Besides, if you stick to the end you will find our best Egypt travel tips.

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Revolut best card to use while traveling

Why every traveler should use this card?

When it comes to traveling or everyday life we all pay attention to money. Money comes hard and goes easy.
How many times before traveling, have you asked yourself:
Should I carry more cash, or better use a credit card?
How much cash should I have with me while traveling?
Should I pay in my home currency or the local one?
Which transaction fee is more suitable for my payment?
How do I keep my money safe when traveling?

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Best of Cyprus - Blue Lagoon Ayia Napa

Our best travel tips to help you travel like a PRO

Nobody was a born traveler. Neither were we, but in more than 15 years of traveling, we made some good memories along the way, we learned a lot of lessons and we are still learning with every new journey we take. You cannot plan or control everything, but having some important things in mind can sometimes make the difference between an awesome trip and a nightmare.

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