We are here to show you that traveling is amazing, that you can easily do it, that you don’t need a fortune to travel and it will definitely change your life and make you grow in ways you did not imagine before. 

We want this blog to inspire and encourage you to travel, to follow your dreams and to discover how beautiful and fascinating this world is.

All the time we hear people saying that you need a lot of money to travel, that it is not so easy or even not safe. 

We will share with you our travel adventures together with valuable tips and any kind of useful information from our experiences along the way.

Our wish is to put in our stories the kind of information we would also like to know and the things we search for each time we travel to a new destination.

Our main promise and goal is to keep things real, not to mislead you in any way, not to change the reality and to only talk about things, places and stuff we tried, saw or experienced ourselves.

Welcome to our blog and enjoy the adventure!

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Nobody was a born traveler. Neither were we, but in more than 15 years of traveling, we made some good memories along the way, we learned a lot of lessons and we are still learning with every new journey we take. You cannot plan or control everything, but having some important things in mind can sometimes make the difference between an awesome trip and a nightmare.

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Cairo Giza Pyramids

Cairo can definitely be overwhelming for some people. The city is big, loud, and chaotic, it hosts around 30 million people daily and it can be quite a traffic nightmare. Nevertheless, once you get over that you can truly discover the magic.

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