How to avoid PayPal fees a guide to save money

How To Avoid PayPal Fees (a guide to help you save money)

We have been using Paypal for several years, but it was always with high costs. Every time we make a payment or receive money, we lose a significant amount of money at same time. Thus, we always asked ourselves how to avoid PayPal fees? How to cut our loss? And recently we discovered! Do you want to know how?

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Revolut best card to use while traveling

Why every traveler should use this card?

When it comes to traveling or everyday life we all pay attention to money. Money comes hard and goes easy.
How many times before traveling, have you asked yourself:
Should I carry more cash, or better use a credit card?
How much cash should I have with me while traveling?
Should I pay in my home currency or the local one?
Which transaction fee is more suitable for my payment?
How do I keep my money safe when traveling?

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Best of Cyprus - Blue Lagoon Ayia Napa

Our best travel tips to help you travel like a PRO

Nobody was a born traveler. Neither were we, but in more than 15 years of traveling, we made some good memories along the way, we learned a lot of lessons and we are still learning with every new journey we take. You cannot plan or control everything, but having some important things in mind can sometimes make the difference between an awesome trip and a nightmare.

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